streetstyle : REISS coat & top / DIY CHEAP MONDAY ripped jeans / CRIMINAL DAMAGE high tops

Fashion blogging is not an easy thing, especially when you are mixing it with conceptual photography. Usually, a normal street-style photoshoot for my blog lasts around 10-15 minutes but when it comes to a conceptual one, it would last around 1hour , plus 20 minutes for pre-photoshoot preparation. The process behind every picture of me levitating, splitting the coffee or being surrounded by burning newspapers it is a not very nice and clean one. I always ended up with a painful fall , ripped pants or coffee and dirt all over my clothes and hair. Not that fun as it looked,isn’t it?

Being a student abroad , it is already very hard to keep up with the blogging and all the photoshoots and projects , not to mention keeping my clothes clean, ironed and tidy. After every photoshoot, I used to take my clothes ( leather jackets, coats or suits) to the nearest dry-cleaner and then go and pick them up the next 2 or 3 days, which was not convenient and especially time-consuming. Recently I discovered an awesome and very handy app called ZIPJET which is exactly like Uber but for dry-cleaning. It attempts to move the dry-cleaners into your pocket. Their interface is slick – finding your location automatically and scanning your credit card number with the iPhone’s camera, making it a breeze to order. Put in what it is you need to be cleaned, then choose a half-hour collection and delivery slot.

You can check the app’s website for further details  : click

Pictures : Van Anh


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