WOUNDS | surrealism short-film & editorial

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For this project I wanted to create my own surreal, dreamlike world and combine the conscious and subconscious into a new “absolute reality”. The main idea for this video is to bring fashion and surrealism concepts altogether creating a fictional world by taking indoor elements and placed them in an empty field.


“Feeling so insecure,

have deep wounds but no cure,

on the way people are there,

I don’t know I am where,

weeds are growing on the ground of thoughts,

in the head 12 ‘o’ clock banging in all the clocks,

hand holding the empty bands of friendship,

picture showing the past are now blurred clicks,

my mind stopped working,

they said smash it into the trash it’s a waste thing,

drops of blood doesn’t matter,

living in the dream is better,

echoes are within the limits of sounds,

and situations are like tears of clown,

introduction to mirror define self description,

warmth of salty drops I can feel and it’s not an illusion,

delication of feelings cause the hurt,

because of them I get burnt.”

Planning and Scheduling

Successful video projects rarely just happen; in fact, they often involve a great deal of planning. For this process we have written down everything we needed for the video-shoot. I wanted to create 3 different indoor spaces and placed them in an empty field thus having good props was the most important thing for the shoot. It took us almost 1 month to find all the props we needed, by purchasing them from different charity and vintage shops and borrow from our friends. After deciding the location of the shoot and got the permission which was in Northampton I have started to work on the storyboards. After having the storyboards and planned everything we have packed everything in a big van and went to Northampton. For the shoot we have used 3 different cameras : Canon 5D mark III, Canon c300 and DJI Phantom 2 Drone. I was responsible for the styling and creative part and together we managed to finish the video-shoot in 18 hours.





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