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Living in such a cosmopolitan and buzzing capital city such as London definitely has its perks. Being surrounded by other 8 million people who come from all corners of the world, having endless entertainment options, eccentric venues and an eclectic nightlife is definitely something I can’t easily give up. However, always being on the run living such a fast paced life calls for some great city escapes too. There are times when we feel the need to slow down, take our time to capture the moment and recharge our batteries. What always revive me are the adventurous camping trips to get in touch with the nature, get lost by catching sights of impressive landscapes and gather around the bonfire with some ginger beer and roasted marshmallows.

So when Victorinox asked me to participate in their #UrbanOutdoors campaign I didn’t hesitate. Taking their one hour to outdoors concept, Victorinox asked city-dwellers like myself to swap the hustle and bustle for relatively near outdoor spaces that only take an hour to get to.

 The area that I would never get bored exploring is the British seaside, which I personally consider one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. There is that uniqueness that I do not find anywhere else, such as the wild rocky coastlines, the mysterious waves, the rugged sea cliffs and quaint old seaside villages that brings us back in time.

From London it is easily accessible to reach various coastal regions across the UK. So I packed my bag and left King’s Cross Station and boarded a train to a secret destination which I will tell you all about it on the next blog post –  to enjoy a day of fresh air and outdoor adventures.

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