Featuring the NAVY FREAMON shoes


If you know me personally then you know my style changes like the seasons. I really enjoy wearing suits but I also really enjoy the street casual style. I’m constantly playing around with different pieces, trying new trends or axing old ones. For me, a great pair of shoes is essential. I strongly believe that wearing the right pair of shoes can transform your outfit and body movements. Thus, I can be very picky in choosing the perfect footwear.
Recently, UGG created a new meaning to lightness as they launched the new Treadlite line and it is fair to say that it ticked every single boxes for me. The design is casual, simple and effortless, yet so smart and chic. Without a doubt, it is so carefully thought out by the brilliancy of the team behind UGGs. As UGGs is always a brand where conform is put as the top priority, the shoes is lighter than ever with great grips for dry or wet surface, giving me the peace of mind that it can deal with the unpredictability of London’s weather. I reckon you will be seeing me with these a lot more often, running and jumping to new heights as summer is approaching.


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