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I am currently at home in London, laying low while catching up on emails and overdue posts. My backlog of unseen posts is quite extensively scattered over the last year but I thought putting them out there in to the universe is better late than never.

Together with some awesome people we spent 5 days exploring Thailand and roamed as much as we could each day. We first start with Bangkok and stayed there for 2 nights and ended up in Koh Kut were we stayed at Soneva Kiri resort.

Arriving in Bangkok, the first thing that hit us was the heat.  It was a little bit overwhelming and shocking to be suddenly in an oven, with sun blaring down. Since we only had two nights in Bangkok, we tried to get as much done as possible! The first afternoon was spent exploring markets, as we soon found it was something we loved to see – all of the bargain shopping, unique pieces and interesting Thai street food to try was such a blessing to be amongst first hand !The next and last day was absolutely breathtaking.. We decided we could only visit so much of Bangkok in one day that it was clear we should explore the Old City and try out Thai food as much as we can. My top recommendation for Bangkok is to avoid the taxis and take the underground since the traffic can be really really bad.

In Koh Kut we spent three days exploring our enormous villa and hotel grounds, swimming, reading, doing yoga, taking photos, catching up on work and with each other. The Soneva Kiri staff took us out to explore nearby islands on their private boat one afternoon. It was a dream !

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and my first travel video. If you have any feedback , questions or anything else please don’t hesitate ! I would love to hear your thoughts.




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