Celebrate the warmer days | TEVA



Featuring  TEVA Universal Slide in brown

Outfit : ACNE Jeans / DIY LEVIS Denim Jacket / DIOR shades / BRIXTON black fedora hat

Although spring has its perks with those beautiful blossoms brightening up the city, nothing can beat summer. For me, a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. Days get longer, we turn the music on louder, parties last for longer and there are endless possibilities to get lost with your loved ones. Summer isn’t about dressing to impress anyone, the less the better. Wandering around the beach or streets to that reggae party with sand still in my hair, the perfect footwear is a pair of TEVA. When I came across this pair of sandals, I reasoned that yes this is an essential item that will have a special place in my suitcase when I go out there to embark on my summer journey. With its chic yet effortless design, it complements literally anything in my wardrobe. Since I’ll probably overwear these, I’m already saving for another pair… Another item for the wish list.


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