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Last week, my friends and I sneaked up to the rooftop of my apartment and held a little picnic party with Moët & Chandon. We are right through summer and it has been such a great year so far, thus I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to gather my closest friends and pop some champagne! London is finally warm after what’s felt like the coldest winter and spring, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’m so glad the good weather is finally here, it has felt like ages since I experienced some of this heat in my second home. I may have been travelling non-stop the past two months but always returning to gloomy London was getting depressing. I love spending the summer at parties caching up with friends, drinking and giggling all evening, and of course watching the sunset at 9pm… partying through the night and catching the sunrise at 5 in the morning…..WILD I know!

Despite my hectic schedule, making the time to enjoy these little bits of summer are some of my favourite and mandatory things to do. Before each party, I always prefer to prepare some homemade dips and snacks, always go with Vanilla Ice-Cream, berries and cheesecake. I also love the new six mini pack from Moët & Chandon which allowed us to elevate our celebration so that we could individually enjoy our own bottle of Champagne. What could be fancier than having a bottle of Champagne to yourself? Also the packaging makes it super easy to carry around.  I could not think of a more adorable way to drink champagne this summer! And the most important, they are super photogenic !! My friends make up much of my life here in London and I am so glad I could celebrate life with them together with Moët & Chandon.

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