Summer Road trip : Transylvania-Oltenia-Banat


Last week me and one of my best friends Smaranda decided to go for a road-trip and drive through the Southern Carpathians, the Subcarpathia  and the three main regions of Romania : Transylvania , Oltenia and Banat. I’m a major road trip fan. The open road, the ability to go wherever I want, to stop in any city, town or village along the way, to slow down or speed up, to visit destinations that would be difficult to reach without your own transportation. When I pass by a vendor on the side of the road selling freshly made goat cheese or homemade jams and honey, I want to stop and have a taste. I want to stop for that sudden photo opportunity or, better yet, just to take a few minutes to observe my surroundings or walk into that valley that I would otherwise pass right by. We spent 6 days on  driving around and this was by far one of my favorite road trips of all time. We managed to see so many beautiful sceneries , met so many nice people and had so much fun ! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures !






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