With my hectic schedule especially in London, I’m so glad to have my Seiko to keep me on track with time as I’m on the go. I love that it’s such a versatile watch that is everything about practicality while still having its own unique style. My time in London is mostly spent running about town to meetings, press events, shoots and catching up with friends after work. I sometimes find myself running late whenever I don’t have a watch with me but now that I have this, I’ve been able to make it on time to all of my appointments. It’s not just about keeping time but I feel a watch makes such a great accessory, it completes a look and this in particular couldn’t be more perfect. It’s something that’s not too over the top and yet casual at the same time and it’s been my to-go accessory these past couple of weeks. Funnily enough, I also tend to remember moments based on the time, it’s normal to find me obsessing over the time and documenting a moment with a time stamp. These timely moments for me have been a reminder that life is simply too short. I’ve spent the past month travelling intensely around Singapore, Bali, Penang and Morocco and its great to have a watch that’s been with me on the road to help me remember some of my favourite moments of the trip. My travels have opened me up to new perspectives and allowed me to go home inspired and ready to start working on some amazing projects I have in store to share with you guys.






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