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As Christmas and the new year nears and I’m busy shopping for gifts for friends and family, I love that I can always count on Pierre Marcolini . Everybody I know loves chocolate and I’m a huge fan of Pierre himself, having met him in Brussels a year ago. This Christmas, I got a couple of the chocolatier’s festive treats from La Collection Noel 2016. There is no chocolate I love more than Pierre Marcolini, and while I’ve tasted all kinds, it is in it’s own league. La Collection Noel 2016 features the Grand Jury in the form of pralines marbles made of caramel, candied fruit and nougatine. I also got 2 Christmas logs to eat during dinner on Christmas eve with friends simply because why not? The Madagascar vanilla and apples way satin…dark chocolate and caramel praline crystals of salt of malden.. I had to have it all.


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