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London is glorious in the first months of autumn! There’s is something special about the uncertainty of time and weather. It can be sunny and bright and all of a sudden, the sky can turn opaque. The opposite can happen at any moment in time, the weather is never still, always alive. Even on slightly hazy days like today, the sun managed to peek through the clouds ever so often.

I feel like I am constantly travelling through time, taking a stroll around Southwark Bridge makes me think of a time long forgotten. Whereas, walking through the bustling Regent Street sends me straight back into the present. This place I call home never stops to amaze me – how can a city be so small, yet so diverse in its architecture, people and cultures? If I were to narrow it down to one single aspect of why I am in love with it, this would undoubtedly be it.

In this city, where I find it so easy to lose track of time, it’s only right that I’m accompanied by a classic timepiece, one that always brings me back to reality and also provides an artistic appeal.

If you follow me, you would already know that I am a longtime fan of watches – I feel naked without feeling the reassuring pressure of a secure strap on my wrist.  Which is why, I was thrilled when a few months ago, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Panerai to photograph some breathtaking timepieces in Florence. As I’ve gotten older, (& wiser I hope hehe ) I’ve really come  to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of watches & what each one can offer individually. My personal favorite was the Luminor Due because of its timeless elegance through its design & silver finish.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the brand new Panerai Flagship in London, which left me feeling super inspired. It is so amazing when brands manage to translate their true stories into spaces and Panerai did exactly that. The opening of Officine Panerai’s brand-new boutique in London’s New Bond Street presents the perfect moment to look back on the results of the brand’s fruitful collaboration with interior designer and architect, Patricia Urquiola. If you ever find yourself nearby with a few hours  to spare, don’t be shy, take e a peep. You’ll see what I’m talking about ! 😉

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