I recently had the opportunity to get a customized suit made with  Moss Bros. Their new #TailorMe service is everything you need for a fuss free personalization service that is top notch and value for money. I got to choose from a wide range of high quality suit fabrics and styles that was then tailored to my preferred fit. All of this done within 30 days! I loved that I could also add personal touches like monogramming and colorful lining to make my suit my very own. With the United Kingdom helmed at the top of its game when it comes to Bespoke tailoring, I like to think that Moss Bros is a fantastic option to get your first customized suit. With its long and rich heritage spanning up to 165 years, you can definitely trust these guys that your suit is in good hands. I love getting suits made for myself and being able to get a say up to every detail of how I want my suit to be.

                      I’m so excited about my new suit and can’t wait to wear it about London Town!!

Read more about Moss – Tailor Me service HERE 

Photography : Van Anh 





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