Weekend in bed | Leesa


One of my favourite things to do during the weekend is have breakfast in bed and watch GOT or just scroll through my facebook and instagram feed. It is essential on a Sunday to stay in bed as long as possible, especially after a long London week. Also Jasmin and I tend to spend Sunday mornings having a lazy brunch in bed with copious amounts of coffee and reading materials. Cat, seems to enjoy our chill vibes and join in!




Getting cozy with my friends and having a good sleep are some of my necessities before a long week full of shootings and work with my team. So having a comfy mattress is where that all begins! Leesa Mattress is available exclusively online and you get a 100 night risk-free trial.The best thing about it is that Leesa’s One-Ten program donates one mattress for every ten sold!

I hope you like the shots capturing our dreamy Sunday morning at home in Hackney, bring back the weekend already please.





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