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As London started to strip away from its bitterness and be in full swing for my favourite season Spring, I looked back at the eventful year I have so far. One of the most incredible memories in 2016 was undoubtedly my short but unforgettable visit to Jaeger-LeCoultre ’s workshop, which was hidden in the Swiss Alps. The experience changed my mind completely about the concept of time, gave me a fruitful insight into craftsmanship and the beauty of great watchmaking. (see the blog post HERE ). Since then, I couldn’t get it out of my head. So when the house invited me to their launch of the Atelier Rerverso Line with the iconic shoemaker, Mr Christian Louboutin at their London flagship store, I was anticipating nothing less than an evening of beautiful displays, good companies and incredible stories. And once again, the evening exceeded every single expectations of mine.
After being greeted by the lovely Claire and Pauline, Nhung, my best friend, and I slowly admired the sophisticated and tasteful interior design of the store. From the curve of the wall that represented the Swiss Alps to the selection of books on Art Deco, the store really gives the uniqueness that not many stores can embodied. Shortly, we spotted the great British architecture Tim Gosling from the far. As Nhung nudged me to go and meet him since she’s been a fan of his work, we moved through the crowd to be closer to him. To our surprises, he came up and greeted us in such warm embraces. As he explained about how he designed the store, I can see his eyes lid up with passion, love and such care. From the inspiring stories about the materials he used to the risk he took as an artists with 3-D printing, his work ethics really inspired me.
Shortly after, with the attentive care of Claire, she led us to the Aterlier Reverso’s workshop station, when we got to take a closer look at the collection. The beauty of this collection is that it celebrates the 85 iconic years of the Rersevo Line, where Mr Louboutin added his glamorous touch that the shoes brand represented. The line allowed female customers to choose different strap which suit her liking and personality, from shimmering bright colours to subtle colours with a touch of glitter. The collection really represents the femininity touch that Mr Louboutin brings to anything he designs, which perfectly combine with the technical yet classic Reverso. It is truly the highest point of fashionable yet great watch making.
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of another great, enlightening experience that I would treasure for years to come.

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