Halloween make-up | EL DIABLO


Happy Halloween everyone !

This is my costume for this year.

Hair – I’m so proud of myself for this. Never thought it is so damn hard to put on a bald cap and make it look realistic. It takes a lot of patience… Me and my friend Smaranda tried for ages to make it stick and in the end, liquid latex and hairspray saved our asses. But I’m telling you, hairspray’s always part of the answer haha. Overall it took as 1 hour only to figure out how to make this work.

Makeup – We sat in the bathroom for two hours…repeat TWO HOURS with my Iphone displaying a picture of El Diablo, while Sma was struggling to apply my makeup accordingly. It was very challenging because she has never done anything like this before, but overall I think she did an amazing job. But hey, you guys should be the judges of that. The hardest parts to paint are the calligraphic tattoo on the chin, “Diablo”, and the 13 on the neck. But with a bit of patience you can master it. Here’s a tutorial that has helped us out with the makeup : LINK

Clothes – Take a look inside your wardrobe and pick out the burglar outfit that you’ve always wanted to wear haha. Now it’s your chance! No one will call the police this time around..

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures x

img_1643 img_1705collage




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