Hi guys. I am finally back in my hometown, Bucharest! It definitely feels amazing to be back and I feel like always more inspired , seeing my family and friends again, such a good feeling. Thus I started to get involved in many projects and collaborations with a lot of amazing people. Those are some of my pictures taken in May with : Ioana Mocanu, The amazing girls : Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu from fabulousmuses.net , Nhung Nguyen and Adina Doneanu from the-fashionette

I had the chance to have a great team and travel to many awesome places for the shooting. Many thanks to the make-up artist Nhung Bucur ( check her facebook page here : NhungBucurMUA) , Hairstylist : Marian Capet , H&M and  the amazing designer Mirela Fraser ( FeMale) .

My lovely friend Nhung Nguyen in Richmond Park , London

Ioana Mocanu , wearing FeMale clothes. 

Alina Tana and Diana Enciu wearing dresses from Maria Lucian Hohan in Antipa Museum Bucharest

Adina Doneanu wearing H&M white dress in Muddy Land
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