Starting the day with the right note is very important, and I cannot begin the day without a cup of coffee. Every morning starts the same way – waking up with the sun, showering, choosing what to wear for the day, all before heading downstairs in search of a cup of coffee to kick-start the day.

Working and living in central London, one does not always have the luxury of time in the mornings. The pace of the city is relentless, and time is both a rare and precious commodity. When you’re out and about in town, you cannot always find the perfect cup of coffee every single day. Queuing for that perfectly brewed double espresso at your local coffee house first thing in the morning, when you’re still half asleep, isn’t always the most pleasant experience.

Instead, I choose to start my day with a coffee at home. I treasure the time in the morning, and relish those few quiet moments to myself to prepare for the day ahead. Showered and dressed, I curl up at the kitchen table and enjoy a cup of rich, delicious coffee that slowly wakes me up. Thankfully, I found the perfect coffee by Nespresso, a brand which is innovative and ground breaking in ways that they introduce new coffees all year round as well as keeping the traditional ones which we all adore.

Envivo Lungo is currently my favourite Nespresso as it’s a delicious blend of distinctive Arabica from India with a Robusta from Mexico. It’s intense and unique in flavour. It is the perfect accompaniment to a freshly baked croissant or an Eggs Benedict. The magic of Nespresso is that with its simple yet chic packaging, each capsule can set the tone for your day right. No need for waiting, no need for queuing, no need to rush anywhere. Just one push of a button and your coffee is brewed and ready. You can learn more about Envivo Lungo here: http://bit.ly/1PKNXne



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