URBAN OUTFITTERS denim jacket and jeans / ZARA checked shirt / CLARKS desert boots 


 Flying. Liberating myself. That’s all I need. Now

What have I been up to? Well, the stress of moving in a new place in London and arranging my schedule have been killing me lately. The past week and a half was pretty miserable. I spent most of my time, watching tv series and reading books. I felt robotic, alone, tired and not inspired at all. Without going into too many details, I just know that I really need to take care of myself better, stop procrastinating and focus on important things  such as : my blog, portfolio and last year of university .

This picture was snapped near my childhood home, the location where I first had a photo-shooting in Bucharest by my very talented cousin, Trang . As you know me , I have always been obsessed with levitating pictures but have neglected it lately. After listening to Jack Johnson’s album : ” In between dreams” I felt  inspired immediately . We found the white sheet I used long time ago as a white background for a photo-shooting in the storage and as usual had a very spontaneous and quick shoot (10 minutes). Took me a while to figure it out how to jump since I haven’t been doing this for almost 4 months, but It is actually much simpler than how it looks.

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