One thing I really love to do when on holiday as you may all know, beside taking pictures, is to watch movies or TV series. What’s more amazing than coming back to your hotel bed and drinking a cup of mulled wine whilst watching an episode of you favourite TV series after a long and cold day spent at the ski trail?
After my Christmas movie marathon with Amazon Video, I have started to watch many awesome TV­ series. I usually get so addicted I can’t sleep when a TV­ series is so good. So when I found out that I had to opportunity to collaborate with Amazon Video UK I was on cloud nine as I know that they have my favourite TV­ series and movies, especially ones I have wanted to watch for a long time.
My pick this week for the Amazon Video Club is Mr. Robot. I found out about Mr. Robot from my housemate and best friend Sma few months ago while we were procrastinating to find any other activities to do but search for a new apartment in London.
Why do I like it so much? Well, the cinematography is amazing. Everything is beautifully filmed and so well structured. It is about hacking, and yeah, hacking is awesome haha. I absolutely love the main character, Rami Malek. He’s awesome and his character’s loneliness almost makes me want to be a recluse to give me time for my own thoughts rather than filling it with Chuck Norris pictures on 9gag haha.
So, if you fancy getting involved, follow #AmazonVideoClub on Twitter on Friday and I’ll see you there! Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be a student you can start a six month trial h​ere​ too! Stay tuned next week when Amy Valentine will be choosing the next video we watch.
Paid subscription of £39 starts automatically after trial unless cancelled. Terms and conditions apply:
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