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This special time of the year calls for big celebrations and what better way than celebrating it with friends and people you love? Celebrate for new beginnings but also be grateful for the good things from the past year.   As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, it kind of takes you by surprise when the sun goes down and the city lights begin to shine. The waves grow a bit fiercer as they start eating into the sand. Here, on the beach you can view the whole of London lighting up. I think we need to live more in the moment. Appreciate what we have! A squeeze of a hand, clings of glasses, a smile leading up to a heart-warming laugh is what keeps us sane. Don’t think about it, live it.  

Living the now means to remember that we have to constantly celebrate our youth, to enjoy all those moments when we feel happy that we are young, energetic, passionate and loving life with all that it has to offer. To be thankful for both the ups and downs in life, but mostly for the merry go rounds!

In collaboration with Moet Chandon 

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