As we approach October, I slowly have time to catch up and settle myself down back in London. This summer has been one of the most productive yet fun summer, as I had the chance to travel and discover plenty of destinations that I have been wanting to go, with countless of Pinterest pictures on my phone. 

In the middle of July, with my best friend Nga, I finally ticked off one place on my bucket list, the Ligurian Riviera and especially The famous Cinque Terre. Literally translates as Five Lands, the five beautiful villages located along the cliffs of the Italian Riviera. It is hard to describe how excited we both were to finally visit these villages where we only have heard plenty of good things about. 

Before getting to Cinque Terre, Nga and I visited Cagmoli, a town located by the sea, which boasted beautiful views, colourful buildings and lovely weather. After lunch we departed to San Fruttuoso  abbey where we spent the whole afternoon there drinking wine and swimming. From Cagmoli, we departed to the first village of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore. This village is the first village from La Spezia, where we found many restaurants, small boutiques and the most delicious gelato. Next, we found ourselves lost in Manarola, where it is slightly quieter but not any less charming. From there we took a small boat and only passed by the third village Corglia since the best view of it is far away from the boat. The next village we visited was personally my favourite, Vernazza. Here, we swam, ate the best pesto pasta and enjoyed the locally produced wine that the region is known for. Finally, Monterosso was the last village we saw. This is definitely the most crowded village, as it has the most restaurants, cafes and shops, with a beautiful beach which draws the crowds. We stayed in Cinque Terre for 2 days and we felt in love with every second of our stay.  

On our third day, we departed to Portofino. This small but charming village is one of the most popular places for many Italians as well as foreigners, with luxury boutiques, famous restaurants and extremely friendly locals. However, the most special place in Portofino is Belmond hotel, which is located high up by the cliffs and overlook the beautiful bay where many luxury yachts can be seen. We had the most amazing dinner there, completely charmed by the beauty of Italy and celebrating our beautiful friendship.

Although it was a short four days trip, Nga and I were blown away with everything we saw . Enjoy La Dolce Vita to the fullest!

Hope you guys like the pictures! x

Where we stayed :

Camogli : Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi

Cinque Terre : Airbnb in Manarola

Portofino : Hotel Belmond Splendido

Were to eat : 

 Camogli : Mille e una notte

Manarola : Nessun Dorma , Il Porticciolo

Vernezza : Gelateria Il Porticciolo

Portofino : Hotel Belmond Splendido restaurant



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