STALLARD DRIVERS loafers /  H&M black blazer  / TOPMAN trousers  /  PRADA sunglasses / REISS white shirt

Hello everyone ! Hope everyone is having a great spring-break so far. I know it’s been a long time since I have posted anything new the blog. Sorry for the lack of consistency but till May I will have to finish a dissertation paper and submit few assignments for my degree since it is my final University year .Thus it will very hard to sync it with blogging but I will try my best to post as often as I can.

This week I decided to take a quick break from study and went out for a street-style photoshoot . I wanted to go with a clean, monochrome and smart outfit and mix it with my latest footwear addiction : loafers . Creating a smart outfit can be as simple as putting on a shirt instead of a tee, or switching your jeans for chinos/ trousers – and it is just as easy the other way around. Loafers are a great footwear alternative regardless of season. They are perfect for the summer and spring months, tap into many of the current big trends and are versatile enough to adapt to any future trends as well. Plus you can easily incorporate a air into any of your timeless and classic looks.

You can shop those loafers in black , brown and blue here : click

Photos : Marques Emanuel




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