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As you may have seen on my instagram , I have been spending the winter holiday on a long road trip with my family all around Romania. Before moving to there in 2000 , I had never had a proper winter holiday : cinnamon smell , traditional food, mulled wine or one of the most exciting thing : snow. Thus our family tradition is to spend every winter holiday in different areas of Romania and experience the real vibe of traditional romanian festive season and discover new places.

This year we have picked to spend the holiday in 2 different areas : Transylvania ( Harghita) and Oltenia ( Ramnicu Valcea ). As usual we have enjoyed every moment of the roadtrip . The food was phenomenal , we met so many new awesome people and of course discovered many amazing new places. The main reason I really enjoy travelling is that I always get so inspired and from nowhere always coming up with awesome ideas. I also feel completely removed and freed in a way from my comfort zone.

#ArtVenture is about being inspired by nature and creating art from nature.

Inspiration is everywhere — from the beautiful forest covered all with snow to the blooms and leaves on your morning walk. You just need to open your eyes, and breathe it in. When you embark on an #ArtVenture, you see the world as a canvas. Nature sparks your imagination and you express your creativity by making art from nature. You’re not here to conquer nature, you’re here to enhance it with you imaginative imprint.

Let’s talk outfit. Investing in some quality outerwear for the cold winter travels will keep you toasty and cozy when the temperature starts to drop. In my case , I have found some perfect winter jackets and accessories for this roadtrip from Napapijri , and I have to admit that I barely felt the cold despite the fact that it was around -18 c outside.

I would definitely love to see what #ARTVENTURE means to you so for the chance to get featured on Napapijri’s Instagram and Facebook page don’t forget to share it on your social media channels by mentioning #artventure and #napapijri hashtags.

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