I got to attend Barcelona a few weeks ago and relished every moment being able to be back in one of my favourite cities of all time. Can I just say tapas????Don’t even get me started on the architecture. Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi paradise for me! This time around, my trip was hectic with 080 Barcelona Fashion week duties,  but I enjoyed it thoroughly. My favourite shows included Pablo Eroz, Torras. Torras was a highlight for me. Founded in 1951, the brand now presents its collections in over 40 countries. The collection, “Klee Topia” is Torras’ proposal for fall-winter 17/18, the union of the concept of utopia with the art of Paul Klee. The term “utopia” comes from the idea of an imaginary island where a perfect society was established. Klee was a Swiss artist and representative of a transcendental style in which the material world is only one of the many realms consciousness can apprehend. And as art it does not reproduce reality but to make it visible.

The collections I saw from these Spanish designers in Barcelona fashion week sent down powerful collectives of work that had their own message. I also had the opportunity to go backstage to see all the preparations before the shows and also talk to the designers and understand better about their inspiration for the new collection. Other highlights of my trip included visiting the new SoHo house, attending the newest flagship store opening of H&M and of course, stuffing myself silly with too much tapas and paellas.

Thank you to the team for taking such good care of me throughout my time, I had an unforgettable experience!



Josep Abril  , Custo Barcelon , Oscar Leon , Anel Yaos , Daniel Rosa



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