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Taken with Olympus Pen-F and Olympus E-PL7
London is undoubtably one of those cities you cannot fall out of love with. This weekend, with my favourite PEN in my hand, OLYMPUS PEN-F to be precise, I wandered around the city, appreciate my luck of living, breathing the air of this exciting place. This camera transforms absolutely everything- I’m having a whole new photography experience with this. With this beauty tucked around my neck, it adds an angle of sophistication to my look, yet I can still use it to capture the most crisp images. I can easily transfer the perfect moment I just captured with a click of a button, yet the classic design of the camera really transport me back to the old and charming side of London, when technologies haven’t bombard us. And what could be better when I can easily edit my pictures with a selection of filters, whether to make my pictures lighter with a vintage touch , or more contrast with an urban edge. The possibilities seem to be endless.
I don’t mean to brag but London has truly become more beautiful through these pictures from my beloved PEN. A PEN so special that it can capture every single heartbeat.




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